Confessing, Serving, and Living the Crucified and Risen Christ

8 Weeks of Prayer

The community of Berea Lutheran Church and Agape Hill Church invites you to join its new outreach ministry Family Connections in Eight Weeks of Prayer. Each Monday (beginning March 23), for the next eight weeks, you will receive a specific prayer topic to meditate on and lift up in your home devotions and prayer time. We will include a prayer for each day Monday-Saturday that you can use if you choose. In addition to those daily prayers, you will also receive our updated prayer list of individuals who need and have requested our prayers. The power of prayer is mighty when the faith community prays!

Introduction to 8 Weeks of Prayer

Week One - Healing

Week Two - Families

Week Three - Faith

Week Four - Forgiveness

Week Five - Provision

Week Six - Government and Authority

Week Seven - Protection

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